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Advection Stride’s debut album “Eon Drive” was released in early 2016 along
with a mobile game of the same name. They are also known as
Brutal Render – a graphics artist powerhouse from Barcelona, Spain.
In 2016 they released their second
album “Defender” which caught the attention of RetroSynth founder
Scott Forte.

After promoting tracks from “Defender” on the RetroSynth YouTube channel in
2016, they decided to help RetroSynth by making intro animation graphics
for each video. After continuing to make more and more amazing
animations for the channel, they became partners with Scott Forte and
helped turn RetroSynth into one of the hot new Synthwave channels on

In January 2017, they helped Scott Forte start RetroSynth Records on
Bandcamp. The label launched alongside their 3rd album “Sentinel”. Along
with the animations for RetroSynth, Brutal Render have also done the
artwork for RetroSynth Records Vol. 1 and have made logos for such
artists as Mono Memory, and made intro animation
for Oceanside85. Advection Stride will be
releasing their 4th album “Striker 9000” in Fall / Winter 2017.