//AWITW: Back From Space

AWITW: Back From Space

Artist: AWITW

Album: Back From Space

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Independent Artist

Album in Review

From France comes brilliant synthwave mastermind AWITW with his 58th release “Back From Space”. I feel that this is one of his finest albums which totally and utterly captures the feeling and essence of the 80’s! A definite feel good winner with twelve awesome tracks to blow your mind!

The first track “Radical” is a funky mixture of retrowave and disco that when heard, will make you wish you were at a night club and it was 1980! AWITW has even made a music video of this track using scenes from the classic movie “Rad”. Absolutely ingenious! The second track “The Lost Age” is a fine example of beautiful and uplifting dreamwave that will put us in a deep state of euphoric reminiscence. Next is “Hot Pursuit” an upbeat and fun track that has a hint of Italo disco. The fourth track “Top Gun” is a more laid back tune to relax to and let your imagination take over. Now on to “Waves” the fifth track which is quite interesting as it starts out rather mellow then progresses to a heavier beat and a quicker pace. Track#6 “Drones” is my favorite on the album and quite an epic tune with thunderous percussion and a very positive and melodious style. This is retro synth at it’s best! The next two tracks “When We Used to Play” and “Stadium Credits” are more fine examples of dreamy retrowave that make us remember the best times of the 80’s. Nostalgia is important and tracks like these help to bring it out in the listener. The ninth track “Non Stop FM ” is a mix of electro and techno and adds more flavor to this exhilarating release! Number ten “Starlighter” returns to the retro synth sound that AWTIW is renowned for. Incredible track that is filled with energy and positivity. The eleventh track “Ascension N 1” is the merging of synthwave and chillwave to calm the mind and escape reality. We conclude this masterpiece with the twelfth and final track “80’s Crush” which is an obvious journey down memory lane and a song crafted with finesse and passion which is AWITW’s signature style!

All in all, I must say that this album is highly recommended by me to all fans of synthwave, 80’s music and having a good time! AWITW is one of the best synthwave artists out there! Very talented and versatile, always working hard and putting a lot of love and passion in his music. Get “Back from Space” now!

By: David Rotenburger


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