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Blaze of Gunfire is a synth wave electrix instrument heavy producer based in Germany who absolutely loves everything 80’s and neo-80’s.
Raised on classic action movies and the Ghost in The Shell anime, he developed a passion for action-cyberpunk themed art, including music.

Originally a metal artist, he began his journey into Synthwave after listening to a particular Power Glove track which was being featured on Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon’s soundtrack.
On his first EP “Vigilante Justice”, which was released in early 2017, he aimed to create a heavily story driven concept album that would fit the score of a typical 80’s action movie/straight to video production. 
His second single “Cyborg Years” came out in 2017, this time featuring a heavy cyberpunk sound mixed with synthwave elements. The third release, an EP titled “California Dreams” came next in early July, featuring a deep dreamwave sound.

After joining the label, Blaze of Gunfire also quickly became involved with RetroSynth Records founder Scott Forte, helping him with the creation and management of his very own label website.

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