//CJ Burnett: Disco Night

CJ Burnett: Disco Night

Artist: CJ Burnett

Album: Disco Night

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Independent Artist

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CJ Burnett-Disco Night

CJ Burnett’s latest album “Disco Night” is a groundbreaking masterpiece combining retro synth, outrun and Italo disco in such an amazing way that it is the ultimate blast from the past! This third release proves that he has evolved and matured as a synthwave artist so much in just one year that I could honestly say he is one of the best creators of retro synth in the world! The first three tracks on the album “Disco Night”, “Danceteria” and “Excess” are a highly energized blend of Italo Disco and outrun that will instill a great desire to dance the night away in the listener. The third track “Miami Snow” has a melodic brilliance to it, but still a very potent retrowave/outrun mixture. The next three tracks “High Life”, “Friday Crush” and “Retro Daze” will have us instantly remembering the 80’s and all the joy and fun that wondrous era gave us! The eighth track “Street Hawk” is powerful as it forces us into a state of nostalgic bliss! I especially like the superb quality and finesse of that tune! Then when we shift over to the next track “Call in the Night”, we are blessed with the stunning and exuberant vocals of Bunny X! This really adds a lot of excitement and fervor to this already incredible release! I hope that CJ Burnett will consider more collaborations with talented synthwave vocalists in the future. Lastly and certainly not least the final track “After Hours” is a dreamy and uplifting conclusion to this epic work of art! In conclusion, I feel that this is destined to be one of the best synthwave albums of 2019! The production is top notch and the quality of this music is outstanding. I say that everyone should buy this and support a really great artist who sincerely deserves it! The passion and the love that went into this production is truly commendable.

It’s time to make this a “Disco Night”!

by David Rotenburger

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