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This is the first RetroSynth compilation. “In Synth We Wave” showcases many of the top artists that were featured on the RetroSynth YouTube channel over the past year, along with tracks by artists on the RetroSynth Records roster. Much like how everything is set up on the RetroSynth channel, there is something for everyone here.

I can’t thank everyone enough for wanting to be involved in this project. It means the world to me to be working with such incredibly talented artists / friends in the growing Synthwave community. I am eternally grateful to everyone who supported RetroSynth over the past year and helped spread the love on social media.

Special thanks to Advection Stride (Brutal Render) for everything they’ve done for the channel in the past year and for helping me set up this awesome label. Also major thanks to Zoltan (“The Neon Droid”) Gabor for helping out with the artwork on this compilation, along with the concept and of course the title – which was coined by The TCR.

Also major thanks to my artists! – Advection Stride, Ray Gun Hero, Zalza, MOTIV, Stephanie, FOMOR1AN, Blaze of Gunfire,Flammen, Voynich, and Dealiosis! You guys all rock and are amazing! Thanks also to Kaleb and Jon at MerchWave for doing an outstanding job! We have arrived, and we’re just getting started!

This compilation is dedicated to Jessica. A true friend.

Scott Forte (May 1st, 2017)

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  1. The Neon Droid – In Synth We Wave
  2. Mono Memory – Outrun The World
  3. The Midnight – The Comeback Kid
  4. Kalax – Metropolis (Feat Kidburn)
  5. Timecop – Lost Without You (Feat Matt Turkington)
  6. MOTIV – Almost Summer
  7. London Lazers – Synthlovers In A Dangerous Time
  8. Vampire Step-Dad – The Proposal
  9. Crockett – Lost Boys
  10. Cassette Riot – Waiting For You
  11. Zalza – Lights In The Sky
  12. MOTIV – Teen Talk
  13. Dana Jean Phoenix – Real Deal (Feat London Lazers)
  14. The Northern Lights – Chasing Cars
  15. Flammen – Approach
  16. The TCR – Pink Izod
  17. Cosmo Cocktail – Hooky Dreams (Feat Celesy Sparkles)
  18. Oceanside – Gotta Go (Feat Dana Jean Phoenix)
  19. LEBROCK – Dangerous Dreams
  20. Advection Stride – Reverse Universe
  21. FOMORAN – In The Arms Of Tethys
  22. Stilz – Purple Eyes (Feat Dimi Kaye)
  23. Zalza – Beyond Retro
  24. Blaze of Gunfire – Taking Action
  25. Retröxx – Elysium
  26. LEBROCK – Call Me
  27. Ray Gun Hero – Night Creatures
  28. CONFRONTATIONAL – In The Line Of Fire
  29. Index Code – Vengeance
  30. The Sweetest Condition – Deconstructing
  31. Stephanie – Death By Lamborghini
  32. Superhero, Never Die! – Man In The Middle (huSEQ Remix)
  33. 20SIX Hundred – Gaining Momentum
  34. Advection Stride – Judgement (demo)
  35. Primorph – Surrogate
  36. neon shudder – Chronos
  37. Blaze of Gunfire – No Escape
  38. Rose Thaler – Black Paradise
  39. Protector 101 – The Park Plaza Mall (MICROCHIP TERROR Remix)
  40. The Encounter – The Mach Rider Returns
  41. KFDDA – Dangerous Persons
  42. The Powerwalker – Surge Incoming
  43. Battlejuice – Berserker
  44. Ray Gun Hero – Night Hacker
  45. TSTR – Relentless
  46. Advection Stride – Night Driver
  47. Hamerzya – Burning Like An Eagle
  48. The Neon Droid – Gangwars
  49. Astral Tales – War In The Void
  50. Glitch Black – Hackerface
  51. Mangadrive – Escaping Neo Miami
  52. Jon of the Shred – Going Underground
  53. Timestalker – The Beyond
  54. Electric Dragon – Covenant
  55. Hollywood Burns – Came To Annihilate (Battlejuice Remix)
  56. Occams Laser – The Lovers
  57. The Sweetest Condition – Faithless
  58. The Neon Droid – Neon-Dioxide
  59. Voynich – TimeSlave
  60. Raised By Aliens – Take Control (Feat Danii Noir)
  61. lowpolyexception – WITHIN THE BASILISK
  62. Hamerzya – Healing
  63. Stephanie – Find You In Hell (End Credits)
  64. Voynich – Exoself
  65. Oceanside – New Horizons
  66. Flammen – Poolside Biscotti
  67. FTL Drive – Jupiter
  68. FOMORAN – Swan Song Orbits
  69. Advection Stride – Star City
  70. FTL Drive – Radians