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Album: Genesis

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Independent Artist

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Marvel83′ presents to the world “Genesis” a first class journey into the realm of endless nostalgia and yearning for the past! This is his first full length album after releasing many EP’s in the past two years, and in my opinion one of the finest retrowave/dreamwave releases of all time!  It is no secret that Marvel83′ is one of my favorite artists in the scene as he has an uncanny ability to make people feel so good with the utter and complete positivity and uplifting nature of his epic music. Only a few others can achieve this to such a degree! Now let’s take a more detailed look at this phenomenal masterpiece.

The first two tracks “Genesis” and “Synthetic Nights” are a pair of very dreamy and catchy tunes to whisk us away from reality by forcing us to remember everything we loved about the past. A great deal of passion went into these songs and the quality is impeccable! The fifth track “Close to You” is a vocal version of a brilliant song produced by Marvel83′ on a former release but this time with the outstanding and powerful voice of “Back in the Future”. It really grabs a hold of the listener with it’s captivating essence and takes us to a retro fantasy land. “NYC Sunrise” is the sixth track and my favorite  and perhaps one of the greatest examples of true retro synth out there! Such a beautiful track that euphoria is imminent upon hitting the play button! Then we have two dreamwave blockbusters: “Lost Highway” and “Roller Coaster” which have the power to change one’s mood from bad to good with relative ease and inspiring potency. Then we close this tremendous album with the quieter and very soothing track “Closer to the Sky” which is the perfect ending to this musical work of art!

The concept of music inducing a deep sense of nostalgia is very important in modern society I feel. Music was meant to stimulate the emotions and be felt in the heart and in the soul! Synthwave is simply the most uplifting and positive music out there today and Marvel83′ is leading the way in this area! Genesis is an essential must own album for any lover of synthwave, retrowave, dreamwave and even the 80’s period! To hear Marvel83′ is to experience the ultimate joy! Get it now!!!

By: David Rotenburger





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