//Michael Oakley-Introspect

Michael Oakley-Introspect

Artist: Michael Oakley

Album: Introspect

Record Label:

NewRetroWave Records

Album in Review

Michael Oakley’s new album “Introspect” on NewRetroWave Records is nothing short of a total miracle in this day and age! His vocal talent for capturing the purest essence of the 80’s is unbeatable. The quality is unsurpassed and the meticulous attention to detail in the production and composition of this timeless masterpiece is admirable. The love and joy of the 80’s is easily recollected when this music is heard which I do believe is one of Michael’s purposes in making it in such a way. A “retro revival” of the 1980’s is reality now and Michael Oakley is one of the synthwave artists leading this movement of ultra nostalgia and bringing back the past to enlighten and inspire us to create a better future for ourselves.

My two favorite tracks on this epic album are: “Crystal Ships” and “Now I’m Alive”. Both are so infinitely beautiful and can be felt in the very depths of my soul!  In the tremendous track “Now I’m Alive”, Michael does a duet with Dana Jean Phoenix which is one of the most breathtaking pieces of music I have ever heard! This is truly amazing and has added something extra special to the synthwave scene as a whole. “Introspect” is a very essential album for any fan of synthwave or 80’s music that simply cannot be missed!

By: David Rotenburger

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