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After 6 months RetroSynth is proud to release this first volume of what will become a new compilation series that focuses on some of the best music found on our young label.
With this new compilation RetroSynth Records continues to showcase the wide variety of styles the label has to offer.

Big thanks to Brutal Render for providing some truly incredible artwork that pays homage to the 1982 film Blade Runner. Look closely and check out the easter eggs on the front cover art!

Major thanks to the RetroSynth fam – Voynich, MOTIV, FOMOR1AN, Blaze of Gunfire, Dealiosis, Neon Black, Ray Gun Hero, Mellow Fields, Flammen, Zalza, Maks_SF, Stephanie and Advection Stride. Also big thanks to 2DCAT for wanting to be involved with this project!
Special thanks to Kaleb and Jon and our worldwide distributor MerchWave for setting us up with our first ever CD release! Thank you to everyone who has supported us as well!

Also a shout out to Tobias for his tireless dedication working on the new RetroSynth website and RetroSynth FM which is launching in July!

This compilation is dedicated to Jessica.

Scott Forte (June 27, 2017)


  1. Voynich – F L U X
  2. MOTIV – I Miss You Victoria Lynn
  3. 2DCAT – Don’t Kill Yourself
  4. F0M0R1AN – Memories Of Saturn
  5. Blaze of Gunfire – Cyborg Years
  6. Dealiosis – Rogue
  7. Neon Black – Steam
  8. Ray Gun Hero – Your Eyes
  9. Mellow Fields – Remission
  10. 2DCAT – Ask Me
  11. Flammen – Thoughts Of A Lonely Boy
  12. Zalza – Press CLR For Clear
  13. Untitled Project Of Maks_SF – Starboy (feat. Crytek)
  14. Neon Black – Hi-Fi Fantasy Girls (In Stereo)
  15. Stephanie – Beta Alter
  16. Zalza – Terminal
  17. Advection Stride – Omega Centauri