//TV Players-Second Season

TV Players-Second Season

Artist: TV Players

Album: Second Season

Record Label:

Independent Artist

Album in Review

TV Players latest release “Second Season” is their first full length album after releasing an EP and some outstanding tracks in the past. This album absolutely rocks! It is a flawless mixture of retro synth and AOR/hard rock that when heard, creates a deep yearning for the past! Nostalgia is guaranteed to occur.

The tracks “Today, Tomorrow, Forever”, “White Tiger”, and “Recall” are superb examples of melodic and uplifting dreamwave that elevate us to a state of euphoric bliss as we remember the fun and excitement that the 80’s held for us! The tracks “Second Season”, “Electric Touch”, “Three Words” and “Don’t Need U 2 Stay (instrumental)” are exceptional tunes that add a hard rock sound to the retrowave formula. The result is some fun and vibrant music that can be cherished for a long time to come! Magnificent guitar work on these tracks will never be forgotten! Now for the track “Battle of the Hearts” both the instrumental and vocal version are so unbelievably amazing that it must be discussed in great detail. Oceanside85 provides the vocals on this track which are supremely epic and just utterly breathtaking! Her vocal skills grab a hold of you with their energy and charismatic brilliance and don’t let go! This is pure magic and easily one of my all time favorite synthwave songs! The instrumental version is extraordinary and extremely captivating! The blending of retro synth and rock is legendary and works so well with this dreamy masterpiece!

In conclusion, I can’t recommend this sensational album enough. If you like synthwave, hard rock or just music in general, this is a must needed addition to your collection! I can only hope that this tremendous work of art will be released on vinyl, cassette and CD in the future.

By: David Rotenburger


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