//WOLFTRON – Alphamatic Transmission: Vol. 2 – Deliverance

WOLFTRON – Alphamatic Transmission: Vol. 2 – Deliverance


Album: Alphamatic Transmission: Vol. 2 – Deliverance


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RetroSynth Records

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Greetings Everyone.  This is my first of hopefully many album reviews.

In this review, I am covering the new album from the artist Wolftron.  Wolftron is an artist signed to RetroSynth Records, and he comes with a long laundry list of accomplishments under his belt.  Alphamatic Transmission: Vol. 2 – Deliverance is the 10th installment of albums from Wolftron, and it certaintly does not disappoint those Wolftron fans out there.  If you are familiar with the Darksynth/Cyberpunk genre and love it, then this latest album is right up your alley.

Dark pounding basses, fast tempo beats that hit hard, coupled with high reaching arpeggios and lush pads deliver an optimal experience for those looking to slip away into Cyberspace.  This album delivers more of the Cyberpunk feel than the Darksynth one, and to that end I feel that this album could find itself easily in a cyberpunk bar or dance club, as well as the backing track to an upcoming Blade Runner type movie or show.

Wolftron utilizes long fading sweeps and effects to truly sweep you away up into the digital realm.  You will find yourself easily moving to the beats as you either make you way to the dance floor, or sit at home in front of your PC getting work done like me, and getting lost in this amazing music that drives you to not only enjoy yourself while out, but also jamming at home trying to get some work done.

While all the tracks on this album are superb, my favorite is Spellbound.  I find this as the stand out track of the album.  The beat along with the amazing hook grabs me again and again, and this is going into my rotation of favorite songs.  The effects keep the song moving and engaging, while the leads tell the story of the song, all while going ahead at a fast pace that transforms you into another outer spacey dimension halfway through the song.  Once you feel all is at peace with the Universe, the beat slams you again and the amazing hook grabs you by the chest again and throws you right back into the thick of it.  Brilliant.

Fans of Synthwave far and wide, especially those into Darksynth/Cyberpunk should definitely check this album and support the artist.  You will be happy you did.

In Synth, We Wave,

Dan Eachus – VP RetroSynth Records

Dude who listens to Synthwave ALL DAY LONG

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